Hi-G-Tek is a leading global provider of wireless solutions for validating asset integrity. Solutions include real-time location, security and condition information for high value cargo and assets, whether in transit or stationary. The company offers a unique value proposition through its leading edge technology platform that extends client visibility and control of critical assets to the edge of the supply chain where knowledge of location and condition is a competitive advantage. Clients benefit from Hi-G-Tek’s experience in resolving myriad logistics, supply chain, and security challenges, a broad portfolio of electronic seals and locks, and an advanced Enterprise Services Platform (ESP) that generates actionable information. With worldwide installations, the company’s blue chip customer base spans multiple markets that comprise high value assets and cargo, including fuel distribution, customs and trade lanes, pharmaceutical/biologics transport, military logistics, sensitive materials management, HAZMAT, and asset management. Clients include both private companies and government agencies.


Hi-G-Tek’s turn-key solutions are composed of active RFID tags, sensors, readers and the ESP. The ESP receives, analyzes, and stores all the information collected by the sensors and readers. It applies the client’s business rules to the data, generating real time alerts where appropriate, and storing data history. The effect has a significant benefit for improving operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. Sensing and security are key components of the technology. The tags are able to monitor and record critical conditions and relay the information back to the client via Hi-G-Tek’s ESP (Enterprise Services Platform). Sensing data can include: security, motion, tilt, temperature, humidity, purity, clarity, light, acoustics, weight, flow, shock, vibration, and others. Hi-G-Tek’s locking devices provide a unique combination of physical protection with sensing and monitoring capabilities. Wirelessly connected to a network, they facilitate real time alerts to our clients in cases of tampering, creating actionable data for improved security and management. The flexibility of the technology platform enables Hi-G-Tek to rapidly develop and deploy solutions, and quickly respond to changes in customer's business environment. This platform is the foundation for a suite of turn-key solutions that enables clients across vertical markets to secure and manage their assets and ultimately improve the efficiency of their business operations.


Hi-G-Tek‘s solutions are tailored for specific challenges in a variety of vertical markets. The company’s operational expertise stems from its experience in large scale international deployments and its history of working closely with clients to solve specific logistics, supply chain, and security problems. Hi-G-Tek’s value to its clients goes beyond the solutions it delivers. Over time we have developed the insight to understand that our clients’ problems are at the heart of operational and management efficiency. Ultimately, Hi-G-Tek empowers its clients to improve their operating capabilties by providing them with actionable information related to their core business challenges.



In 2006, Micha founded the Hi-G-Tek, Inc. headquarters in Rockville, MD to serve as a center for global business development, sales, and marketing in the US. He currently holds 14 patents in multiple countries. In 1989 Micha founded Hi-G-Tek Ltd. in Israel as a leading company in the development and production of advanced microelectronic products and wireless monitoring technology in the fields of biomedicine, asset protection and management, the military, and secured cargo in transportation. From 1987 to 1989, Micha was Vice President of Engineering at Techno-Vered Microelectronics in Ein Vered, working with applications and hybrid development. Before joining Ein Vered, he worked with Tadiran's Communications Division in Petah Tikva, where he was both a hybrid development and customer relations manager. In 1982 Micha held the chief electronics engineering post at Omikron Scientific Ltd., working with pacemakers. He also led the design project of multi-programmable pacemakers, both semi and fully custom LSI, and telemetry systems related to pacemakers. Micha was responsible for R&D and a feasibility study of new electronic products in the biomedical fields. His prior posts include serving as a team-supervisor for the Israel Electro-Optics Industries in Rehovot and as a design-engineer in electronic analog circuitry for the Israel Aircraft Industry. After serving in the Israeli Defense Forces’ communication unit, Micha graduated from Delft Technical University in The Netherlands in 1976 with a BS and a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering in 1978.


Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Levi has over 20 years of engineering experience in computer networks, RF communication and real-time systems. Prior to joining Hi-G-Tek, Mr. Levi served as Engineer for MER Group designing and implementing broadband communications networks. He worked on landline telephone services integration over CCTV network for the leading communications company in Israel, on-site investigations of RF and networking issues and developed processes to ensure high levels of system performance. Mr. Levi also designed and executed support and training sessions for customers to help them maintain and operate communication networks. Previously he served in the IAF as an Air Force Base Representative handling orders management, supplier communication, coordination of heavy machinery transportation by air and ground and other operational issues. Mr. Levi holds a Product Managment Professional Certificate from University of Maryland and degree in Network Engineering Technology from Ness College. He also has Microsoft Certification MCSE and Microsoft Certified IT Professional SQL Databases.


Chief operating Officer

Mr.Oren has been working for Higtek since 2006. He is an experienced electronics engineer including development and fault analysis with over 20 years in the field of RF and Computer communication. Prior to Higtek, Oren served as a senior practical engineer with experience in RF with specialization in cellular jammers at Phantom Technology. Oren brings more than 25 years of technical experience in a variety of fields and roles. Oren holds a BSc Electrical Engineering with a specialization in communication and computer communication analysis and an MBA specializing in: Business Entrepreneurship, Personnel Administration and Project Management from Ariel University